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SELECT Cordless Universal Core Drill (no battries/charger) – AJMU137PMQW


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  • Extremely wear-resistant tool concept with swivel-mounted motor cable protection hose for tough conditions in industry and skilled trades.
  • Small and lightweight tool for persistently high long-term work progress thanks to brushless FEIN PowerDrive motor with tacho electronics and FEIN HighPower battery with high-current-capable cells.
  • Flexibility in all mobile drilling operations, such as mag base drilling, spiral drilling, tapping, sinking and reaming.
  • FEIN HighPower Li-ion battery. Continuously high current output with 75% higher amperage than Li-ion batteries for high cutting speed.
  • Simple and error-proof control concept in the operator’s field of view.
  • Easy to read convenient magnetic holding force display.
  • Motion sensor.
  • Reversible.
  • Electronic speed control.
  • Extra long stroke.
  • MT2 tool mounting.
  • Extra narrow permanent magnet with magnetic bias.
  • “Memory function” speed storage.
  • The battery capacity can be read directly on the battery.
  • FEIN SafetyCell technology. Protects the battery and the machine from overloading, overheating and deep discharge.
  • * optional using accessory.
  • ** Highest performance with FEIN HighPower Li-ion battery.

Technical Data

Battery voltage
18 V
Battery compatibility
Li-ion / HighPower Li-ions**
Battery interface
18 V
Full load speed
130 - 520 rpm
Tool mount
MT 2
Carbide cutter max. dia.
1-3/8 [35] in[mm]
HSS cutter max. dia.
1-3/8 [35] in[mm]
Cutter max. drilling depth
2 [50] (3 [75] )* in[mm]
Twist drill max. dia.
3/4 [18] in[mm]
M 14
Max. countersinking dia.
1-1/4 [31] in[mm]
Reaming max. dia.
3/4 [18] in[mm]
Cutter holder
3/4" Weldon
Cutter change
5-5/16 [135] in[mm]
Total stroke range
10-1/4 [260] in[mm]
Magnetic holding force
2023 [9,000] lbs[N]
Magnetic holding force
9,000 N
Magnetic base dimensions
7-11/16 [195] x 2-3/4 [70] in[mm]
Magnetic base dimensions
195 x 70 mm
Weight without battery
26.68 [12.10] lbs[kg]
Weight without battery
26.68 lbs